The Yorkshire Ings

An Ancient Landscape, Rediscovered

A Wildlife Lover's Paradise...

The regular flooding of the river ensures it is impossible to tame the ings. Our wildlife survives into the modern age remarkably in tact - few places offer such an abundance, with invertebrate, wintering, visiting and breeding bird, botanical and reptile interest, all in a relatively small area. Click below to learn more about the incredible encounters awaiting you in the Lower Derwent Valley reserve!

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Iron Age to Modern Age...

This fertile landscape with the easy access afforded by the river has attracted the celts, the vikings and powerful medieval religious orders. It was the source of the rebellion which almost toppled Henry VIII, but more recently has been a peaceful agricultural area!

The Ings provides a window into the past, with surviving relics at every turn!

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With such a strong agricultural heritage, we of course have some quality produce on offer in a variety of settings, from award winning farm shops to delis and restaurants. We will fuel your enjoyment, rest assured!



Dog walking, birdwatching, cycling, fishing, golf, archery and many other outdoor pursuits find a natural home in the Ings - what's your hobby? Perhaps try something new!



We have accomodation in the Ings to suit all tastes, from basic campsites in amongst nature for the intrepid, to glamping, cabins and coaching houses for those with more sophisticated tastes...


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Still not had enough? No problem! We are minutes away from the historic city of York, with easy links to the famous East Yorkshire coast and all the attractions of Hull, such as 'The Deep' - why not simply extend your stay?